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Bob's Biddies, LLC

Backyard Grown & Backyard Hatched

Welcome to Bob's Biddies,LLC

We would like to introduce you to Bob's Biddies Hatchery.

We are a locally owned and operated hacthery in Ray City,GA. We are NPIP Certified and our motto is "Backyard Grown and Backyard Hatched".

We specialize in day old chicks from old fashioned brown egg laying breeds. We offer professionally sexed pullets and cockerels. We can ship just about anywhere (minimum 20 chicks to ship safely) there is a Post office. Pick-ups are available for those who are local or want a nice drive to get away for awhile.

Our chickens are just like your Grandma used to raise and all natural food is used. Our parent stock is now fed with Non-gmo/soybean free feed. Check out our links page for more information on this type of feed and where to get it.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.

Take a look at our photo gallery for pictures of our current parent stock !


Bob and Diane Berry

Bob's Biddies,LLC

[email protected]

2155 Weaver Drive

Ray City, GA. 31645

Phone: 229-455-6437 Cell: 229-375-1991

Cell Phone: 229-375-1991

We offer specials; Call for details.

This is the original video that our son-inlaw created for us many years ago, sorry we do not offer the Golden Commets any more.

* Click icon in bottom right of video after clicking to play for full screen

Recent Photos