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Bob's Biddies, LLC

Backyard Grown & Backyard Hatched

We have now incorporated the use of

NON-GMO FEED that is SOYBEAN FREE for all of our parent stock

That means that we are chemical and additive free the way your grandparents used to raise chickens, all natural.

Our birds are healthier and happier and produce plenty of eggs to fill your chick orders.

We have also introduced the COBB 500 PASTURE BROILERS that are ready in as little at 6-8 weeks.

Many of our current customers say that they are the most tenderest, juiciest, best tasting birds that has ever come to their table. Call us for details.

We now offer the NOVOGEN RED LAYER which is a very gentle bird that is a prolific layer of brown eggs, they start laying in about 4 1/2 months.

And for all of you 4-H kids out there:

Several of our breeds have taken blue ribbons in years past and one of our Dominique's also took Grand Champion at the National Poultry Show in 2016.

So if your project is on raising Old-fashioned chicken breeds then you have come to the right place...

Just call Bob or Diane for more information-


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